Our Restaurant close two months for spring break . Sorry for any inconvenient. Thank you.

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Water chestnut wrap with tapioca flour then boil serve with jack fruit, palm's seeds, toddy palm's seed in milk mixed with coconut milk.

Rice flour mixed with tapioca flour, arrow root starch, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves.

Taro mixed with eggs, rice flour, coconut milk, pandan leaves, red onion and coconut sugar.

Rice flour mixed with arrow root starch , pandan leaves, coconut sugar, salt and coconut milk.

steam grated cassava mixed with tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Scraped coconut mixed with tapioca flour,  glutinous rice flour, sugar, coconut milk and egg.

Sweet purple sticky rice serve with Thai custard.

Fresh mango serve with sweet sticky rice.

Choice of filling taro, banana, sweet potato or Thai custard .

Egg yolk mixed with rice flour pour in boiling syrup then catch the pleated to  flower.

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